Flexlab is here!

Flexlab is here!

Welcome to our new Flexlabe - Vinyl homepage.

Over years now we developed, tested and produced our brand new product called MX-TEC. A custom adhesive print vinyl with air release liner and a super Hi-Tack glue for the perfect combination with the plastics on your bike. The print material would be nothing without a 16mil thick laminate with super glossy finish for the perfect look of your graphics.

Even for us as experienced manufactures, it wasn’t an easy task to produce such a high performance product which is easy to apply with strong glue but repositionable. And we needed a perfect matching laminate which has to be thick but also easy to apply and long lasting.

We found the perfect fit for all of our criteria’s and we would like to present you our two new products that will change the way motocross graphics look, feel and work.


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